Overcome stage fright completely and forever! Improve your technic and master it perfectly! I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOUR PROBLEM!


If you are a musician, singer, dancer, circus artist, street performer, sportman... I can help you get rid of stage fright easily and forever, even if you've tried other solutions and nothing has worked.
You don't have to continue to suffer from this problem!


In any field, which will allow you to perform optimally in any condition and in any situation.

Imagine the serenity with which we will approach our performance if the idea of a "failure" cannot touch us!


Would you like to be successful in your job interview, be comfortable when you have to perform in public, or other situations? 

I know how to get rid of stage fright easily,
completely and definitively 

and I will show you the way!

I could never have imagined that one day, when I performed in public, I would feel such great joy instead of the horrible dread and suffering provoked by stage fright.

What a joy to be totally freed from this burden that poisons life, which devalues, and frustrates and causes us bit by bit to lose our self confidence.

I, too, I have long suffered
from stage fright!

Therefore, I know how frustrating, depreciating and difficult to live with it can be, both physically and psychologically. 

Have you ever suffered from these unpleasant symptoms: heart palpitations, trembling, tight throat, sudden sweating, butterflies in the stomach, mental confusion, memory blanks, etc. etc...?

Personally, I was sometimes incapable of joining a conversation, even in a small group, simply because there were a few people in the group that I didn’t know.

You have probably tried to argue with yourself that stage fright is unnecessary and harmful, that it deprives you greatly of your abilities, that you have all the qualities to succeed, and that this cursed stage fright is an obstacle to your success!

It is very annoying!  I understand you !!!
We are well aware ... that stage fright is a hindrance to success!

You have to know that 
Your will and reasoning are useless against stage fright!

It is therefore useless to reason in this way as it will always be totally ineffective.

So we have to do it differently and I will give you the means ... which are very simple to put into practice. I assure you that stage fright will only be a bad memory because I suggest a method that, as I like to say, “cannot not work”. And when I will have given you its very simple physiological explanations, you will be convinced. But you will be even more convinced when you will have put this method in practice!

Moreover, thanks to a better knowledge of mental functions and a better understanding of learning processes, you will be able to feel confident in your technique, in any field, which will allow you to perform optimally in any condition and in any situation.

Any technique, even one which is complex and difficult to learn, must be able to be executed perfectly, not 9 times out of 10, but 100 times out of 100, in any and all circumstances! All you need is the right instruction to assimilate and integrate my technique.

Whether you are a musician, singer, dancer, sportsmen, circus artits, street performers, manual for any other learning ...In short, whatever your discipline...

Imagine the serenity with which we will approach our performance if the idea of a "failure" cannot touch us.

What allows me to assert these results with assurance is the experience I have which includes:
     •  more than 30 years of practice and teaching
     • sharing through my books, lectures, training seminars that I have animated in France and abroad, (1)
     • and the returns which are often amazing, even spectacular! Including solving problems such as a phobia of the dentist, airplanes, or elevators.

When I find that students have missed important exams or competitions because of stage fright or these "technical" problems which I have talked about above, or when, for example, professional musicians of very high level are ready to stop their career as a soloist because of this cursed stage fright, it saddens me greatly because I know that all this can be changed very quickly and very easily.
(1) Here are some examples of the many presentations I have participated in:
     • Teaching missions in Taipei (TAIWAN) (15 days)
      • Internships at European Academies
     • Conferences at various national and international conferences
     • Conferences for the preparation of the Certificate of Aptitude for Teaching
     • Seminars for teachers, students, professionals, amateurs ...
     • Etc. Etc ...



I offer a week-end seminar
comprised of 24 videos.

I will accompany you throughout your training.
You can contact me for any questions or additional information.

Thanks to this training ...

• If you are musician, singer, comedian, dancer, sportman, circus artist, street performer or other type of performer), going on stage will no longer be a pain but a real pleasure. This will likely prompt you to perform more often, to seek commitments instead of being tempted (often unconsciously), to flee from them!

• You will be able to speak in public or in a meeting without stress, without stage fright or any apprehension, in any circumstance, any situation and feel perfectly at ease ...

• You will be able to eliminate the emotional load of stress in less than a minute ...

• You will acquire an extremely reliable "technique", whatever your domain and level, which will further strengthen your confidence in yourself ...

• You will feel a great confidence in yourself in all circumstances...

• You will optimize your ability to succeed in all areas ...


Michel Ricquier 

Michel Ricquier is a renowned French musician, acupuncturist, author of several educational works, teacher and coach.

Holder of two first prizes awarded by the National Superior Conservatory of Music in Paris at the age of 18, he obtained a Certified Teaching Credential at age of 20, which allowed him to immediately start his work as a teacher, at the National Conservatory of Music in Chambéry. 

As well as his musical and teaching career that he immediately practiced with passion, he also trained in other fields such as Psychology, Sophrology, Hypnosis (graduate of École d'hypnologie et de psychologie appliquée of Paris), Natural Medicine (graduate of The Heilpraktiker Fachschule of Sarrebrück), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (graduate of the Hong Kong institute of Chinese Acupuncture and the New Medicine Institute of Hong Kong). He also practiced Yoga and the Martial Arts (Aikido), Tai Chi Chuan, and Qi gong…

And whenever he has acquired new knowledge, He always had the concern to adapt these new skills to his playing and teaching.

This is what enabled him to develop this technique which allows us to use our own inner resources based on the "body / mind" balance.  

For over 30 years I have been helping musicians, artists, athletes and all those who wish to improve their quality of life by getting rid of stage fright, who want to improve their technique (in any field) and Acquire a very high reliability in their practice.

• “Traité méthodique de pédagogie instrumentale” (technic of breath - 7th edition) prefaced by Maurice André,
• “L’utilisation de nos ressources intérieures”,
•  “Training the eye to read music” (2nd edition French/English),
• “First notes on the trumpet” (method for beginners - French/English)
• “Method Arban” reviewed and supplemented by Maurice André and himself (French/English/German)
• “I’m not missing breath” (cartoon)


Video 1 - Recommendations
Video 2 - Introduction (for musicians)

Video 3 - The placebo
Video 4 - Things only exist in relation to the preconceptions we have of them 
Video 5 - The teacher's mental attitude
Video 6 - Mental attitude facing a difficulty
Video 7 - The law of the converted effort

Video 8 - Definition; user manuel; test; physiological explanations; olympic games in Lake Placid; résults
Video 9 - Indications of inner work; a few examples…
Video 10- More uses for inner work; in symphony orchestra; beware of systematic routine warm-ups
Video 11 - Some more uses for inner work (labial herpes, epicondylitis, focal dystonia, increasing muscular strength and stamina)
Video 12- Some more uses for inner work;absolute pitch; proof of the effectiveness of inner work by many real-life examples
Video 13 - Rotation test; a variation; some important tips
Video 14 - Conclusion

Video 15 - The proximity of the goal ; think the notes; various examples…
Video 16 - In-depth work; the spiral; the stretched spiral; explanation (neurobiology); the petanque ball and the pile of sand
Video 17 - Solve one problem at a time; the board and the nails

Video 18Presentation; the "real" stage fright and the "small" stage fright; willpower and reasoning cannot defeat stage fright 
Video 19 - Visualization
Video 20 - Importance of visualizing the end of the session; mind is energy (experiments with plants); the egregore of a venue; the work of Dr EMOTO; warning; energy bubble; the solution ; a few testimonials…
Video 21 - Hypnosis and self-hypnosis: what is hypnosis?; the numerous indications for hypnosis and self-hypnosis; a few testimonials; some additional information; experiments in the waking state; experiment of the light arm; program yourself correctly; post-hypnotic suggestions; self-hypnosis: instructions for use; some very important tips
Video 22 - The anti-stress technique: the test (démonstration); neuro-vascular points; the explanations; phobia of the dentist
Video 23 - SOLVE SIGHT-READING PROBLEMS: the principles; physiology of reading; the advantages; extra benefits; pitfalls

Video 24 - Conclusion

Reference of the works mentioned in the courses.


You will benefit from the best strategy to get rid easily, completely and definitely of stage fright, to improve and master your technique in any field.

Like hundreds of people who have solved their problems, register now and benefit from this effective training that requires no medication and has 100% success. The results are fast, undeniable and often spectacular.

Even if it takes only a few weeks to achieve the desired results,
you will have access to this training for a whole year

$ 293
Only 80 cents per day

100% satisfied!                              Secure payment

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What a pleasure to read a testimonial like this one!
(Testimony from  Emi S. found by chance in a forum on the Internet several years after its publication)

“One day, you are faced with a specific situation and you feel panicked!

“It could be a situation where you must speak in public or a professional meeting, make a statement to a loved one, go to a dreaded appointment with the dentist, an exam, etc.
“Anyone can experience stage fright. It can happen infrequently or each time you encounter au similar situation.

“Let me tell you my experience. I passed the driver's license test 4 times and I failed 4 times. During classes, everything went perfectly well. The problem was that the moment I got into the car for the examination, when I needed all my wits, I lost all control... My legs would tremble, the right one for the accelerator pedal especially so, my hands would become sweaty, and my heart would be racing 100 mph. I experienced 4 monstrous failures and even almost crashed the car. The reasons of my failure: STAGE FRIGHT!!!"

Then, this person explained that after practicing my technique, when she encountered the situation again, she felt much more relaxed. In her own words: 

“without comparison to the previous times! It was a good experience. I kept my composure, and whether I received my license or not, I knew that in the future I was capable of keeping my composure during the exam. Three days later, I received my license. But without the advice of Michel Ricquier, I do not think I would have managed to overcome this blockage. It is THE SIMPLEST METHOD IN THE WORLD!”


Thanks to the immense progress made on the medical investigation equipment, I can show you that the solution I offer cannot "NOT WORK".


"A few years back, as I was a teacher at both the Conservatories of Lausanne and Versailles, I had the chance to invite Michel Ricquier who gave lectures and led conferences, so that my students and all the people who were interested could benefit from his ideas and from the results of his researches.

After he came, I only met artists (wind and string instrumentalists, singers etc…) who were enthusiastic about what Michel had brought to them. 

Michel, many thanks from all of us. Here is a suggestion: sign up for this video-training, you won’t regret it." 

Roger DELMOTTEEx-super soloist  at the Opéra de Paris – Honorary Professor at the Conservatory of  Versailles and at the High College of Music of Lausanne (HEM) - 2011, International Trumpet Guild Honor Award (Minnesota - USA) 

"Because I took them personally and with my students from the National  Superior Conservatory of Music in Lyon several times, I can assure you,  the usefulness and efficiency of this training course are occasionally  spectacular. 

Thanks to the methods taught by MICHEL RICQUIER, these students have not only discovered paths they didn’t know existed, but have also progressed very positively, bettered their quality of life … and  therefore the lives of others! How to live well with oneself and with others, such is the aim of this training course…  

Seeing its promising results, I recommended this training to sportspeople (some of them high-level), who admitted that they had been positively impressed with the way their behavior had changed while competing and how their results had increased.  

Another example of the benefits of these methods: those who fear job interviews will be amazed with the self-confidence they will gain when putting these techniques into practice. Two of my friends have had such a successful experience.  

Thanks to this training course, the quality of life you’ve always dreamt of is within easy reach.   

THANK YOU MICHEL for making it possible for us to get closer to that state of serenity we need in the different aspects of our professional, human and affective life, and therefore for contributing to our self-realization … towards HAPPYNESS.   


Pierre Dutot - Honorary professor at the National Superior Conservatory of Music in Lyon


“Thanks you for all students and professionals whose musical life is darkened and sometimes ruined by the uneasiness of stage fright, witch not only saps pleasure but sometimes even talent.   

Very few give real solutions, but you are one of them.

Antoine Curé - professor at the National Superior Conservatory of Music in  Paris 


“A soloist's career is always tough ... as we are constantly working hard to make improvements.  

Some days we lack self-confidence, and Michel RICQUIER has been a savior to me in these difficult periods.  

How could I not thank him warmly, and invite all instrumentalists to question themselves in order to get to their best potential, share it with the audience and serve MUSIC best!  

Michel has experiences and competences in the field of unconsciousness that no musician in France has equaled yet. Do not hesitate; thanks to this new training course via internet, all your questions and musical problems will be solved.  

Last piece of advice; do not forget your share of personal work without which nothing in life is possible.  

 Good luck to everyone and a huge BRAVO to Michel for his excellent initiative."

Guy Touvron  - Soloist - Paris


"I know Michel well, as well as the marvelous work he has been carrying out for years.

Thanks to this precious support in physical and mental preparation, I have successfully joined a singing class at the National Superior Conservatory of Music in Paris, and was awarded a first prize three years later.  

Thank you Michel for this Online-method, which is a wonderful idea and will help many people."  

Daniel Petrovitch - Lyric singer and singer teacher - Paris 

"A little word but a great thank you...

My performances have gone well; thanks to your online-training I gained the self-confidence I needed to stand by my commitments, that is to say learning a one-and-a-half hour piano repertoire in a very short time, throwing myself into improvisation and daring to play in public with all my heart!


Thank you again, thanks to the tools you give I feel more musician than ever ... I will keep putting your methods into practice in order to go further and pass on to my student the pleasure of playing in all circumstances...
Be certain I will write to you again soon to share new results"

Juliette B - Professor

"This training course is more than GREAT  

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

This is a huge moment for me! I didn't get bored a single time You are of great benefit to mankind, my life as a musician has changed thanks to you! And at the right time! ... Everything happens for a reason ;-)!

You have no idea of what you bring to people, all the support you give us while remaining yourself, humble and kind.

To all musicians who wish to be in control of themselves during exams, contests, concerts etc... Who wish to master their instrumental technique... This training course is for you!!!"

Pauline DUTHOIT - Trumpet teacher 

"You have been a revelation to me and have changed my life as a musician, thank you Michel RICQUIER!!!"

Pauline M - Professor 

"Thank you for helping musicians perform better on stage!
Many thanks for your work, for it has helped me go though the toughest  moments of my career and without self-hypnosis for example, no doubt I  wouldn’t be a musician today.
And with all my admiration

Philippe R. – Professor 

I will accompany you during the training!

In all my interventions (courses, trainings, conferences...), my concern has always been to be precise in my assertions and not to deceive my audience. If the method was only 80% efficient, I would say so.  Even then it would be worth trying since it means that out of 10 people, 8 would solve their problems!  Additionally, it has the advantage of success with no side effects. 

In each of these interventions, I always asked people not to hesitate to contact me if the results were not the ones expected and I gave my personal phone number each time.

And I must say to the best of my knowledge (it is always possible that people did not contact me), of all the people who followed my training (and God knows that I’ve met a lot of them over 30 years!), no problem has remained without a suitable solution.
Many times someone called me and we searched together and found the reason why the method had not been effective enough. Most of the time, it was a detail that had been neglected or forgotten in the practice of the method.

As I like to say, there is a technique among the ones that I propose that can not “NOT WORK”. After you discover the very simple physiological explanations, you will be convinced.  And you will be even more convinced when you put this method into practice!

If you follow this training and you do not get the results you were expecting, or if you want to ask me a question or ask me for specific information you will be able to contact me without any problem and I will answer personally all the questions you would like to ask.



You will benefit from the best strategy to get rid easily, completely and definitely of stage fright, to improve and master your technique in any field.

Like hundreds of people who have solved their problems, register now and benefit from this effective training that requires no medication and has 100% success. The results are fast, undeniable and often spectacular.

Even if it takes only a few weeks to achieve the desired results,
you will have access to this training for a whole year

$ 293
Only 80 cents per day

100% satisfied!                              Secure payment

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to ask a question or to obtain additional information?

Yes, I will accompany you throughout your training and I undertake to answer all your questions personally.

Can this training be used in any field?

The different methods proposed are usable for any learning acquisition, whatever it is. If you want to learn to tap dance, improve your tennis backhand, improve your ski technique, or improve juggling skills, pass your driver’s license test etc., this method will be very useful to you.

From what age can a child follow the training?

It depends, of course, on the child's maturity. I think that from 13/14 years old, he will be able to understand and follow this training. If some technical terms (medical or other) are unknown to him, this will not prevent him from understanding the meaning of the course, nor to correctly put the method into practice. If an adult can help him, it is of course better, but it is not indispensable.

How long after my registration can I access the training?

Once you have purchased the course you can start training immediately. And you can access it for a whole year, at any time and as many times as you want, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The advantages of video training

• You will do your training from home without having to move, installed comfortably in front of your computer...

• You will be able to review some passages if you want to verify information or go back in order to review some explanations...

• Even if it takes only a few hours to view this training (a maximum of ten hours), even if it takes only a few weeks to get the results you want, you can access it for a whole year any time and as many times as you want!

• You will be able to access your training on any type of screen (computer, tablet, smartphone)...


You are on the platform of the station and the train will leave. This train will take you to the solution to your problems.

Many people tend to watch the train leave without getting on.

Perhaps because they may be thinking of taking the next one? Because they still hesitate? Because they are afraid of what they will find at the arrival station?

Do not wait ! Do not waste time !  Solve your problem!
I assure you that the solution awaits you!

Take the train without hesitation...

(100 % results!)


You will benefit from the best strategy to get rid easily, completely and definitely of stage fright, to improve and master your technique in any field.

Like hundreds of people who have solved their problems, register now and benefit from this effective training that requires no medication and has 100% success. The results are fast, undeniable and often spectacular.

Even if it takes only a few weeks to achieve the desired results,
you will have access to this training for a whole year

 $ 293
Only 80 cents per day
100% satisfied!                              Secure payment

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